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Fire, Water, Smoke Damage Lead Generation, powered by Rangecast, launches voice to text transcription and real-time alerting to its product suite

Rangecast Technologies earlier this year launched a new feature to their online, remote internet access/scanner radio monitoring system that allows for keywords and phrases to trigger an email and/or SMS text to interested parties, such as fire restoration emergency response teams and those responsible for reconstruction company marketing. Coined their “Automated Listener Alert Service” or ALAS, this new feature of Rangecast propels their product suite into a whole new league of lead generation.

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Even minor to moderate fire damage to a home should be remediated by a restoration professional

The US economy over the past decade has lingered between stagnant to bad with homeowners shouldering a large portion of the burden. When it comes to minor to moderate fire structure damage to one’s home, it is tempting to avoid the expense of a deductible and do the repair work on one’s own. Beyond the […]

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Can contents restoration be an added value sale for fire/water damage mitigation companies?

The competition for reconstruction opportunities are becoming more and more difficult to earn. After years of seeing the new construction market dry up with no end in sight in many parts of the country, construction companies with a business model focused on new construction have shift their business focus to the reconstruction market. This paradigm […]

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Emergency board-up providers and the importance of timely service

Your house is damaged and nearly in ruin, so why bother boarding it up? It would appear upon initial consideration that boarding up a home severely damaged by a flood or fire would be similar to bothering to put a car cover over a totaled vehicle so that the rain does not damage the upholstery. Yet […]

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Fire victim care package must have items: Earn business with a big heart

The ethics of marketing to fire victims is a debate that has carried on for years. Restoration companies and insurance adjusters who make the effort to offer service to someone who is a victim of a fire loss span from unscrupulous to the upstanding. The one true factor that separates them is their approach to […]

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The Ethics of “Fire Chasing” and Emergency Response in the Restoration Industry

Much is found on the internet about restoration companies that earn business by marketing their services to home owners and businesses whose lives have been interrupted by a fire or flood. Those restoration businesses that do not “chase” fires will at times send out press releases warning people of the dangers of such business practices […]

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Why recording fire transmissions from a scanner will result in better restoration lead generation

Are you wearing a fire scanner on your hip so you can listen for fire dispatches in order to increase business at your restoration company? Ever miss an address and wish you could go back in to hear it again? Recording your fire scanner audio will solve this problem. With the ability to go back […]

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Fire Frequency Encryption – Any way around it to find the fire restoration leads you want?

In a word, no. Not really. Although this is rare to happen when it comes to fire frequencies. Encryption is expensive to implement and generally intended to keep criminals from knowing that the police are on their way. Your fire scanner is generally not affected, but it is possible. There are times when an entire […]

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Multisync: Technology that economizes on scanners for fire lead generation

If a restoration company looking to monitor fire frequencies in their service territory chooses Rangecast as their fire lead generation system, they will enjoy the benefit of Multisync. This technology comes free with the service and is part of the software component. Consider the ideal situation when one is looking to capture fire leads. In […]

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How to Find Fire Leads with most Professional Fire Lead Generation Systems

Now that you have your water, smoke, and fire lead generation system up and running, how can you maximize your time so that you are not spending all day and all night listening to the radio? Although such listening can be fun and exciting, there’s work to be done! All quality professional restoration lead generation […]

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Fire leads without all the noise!

Ready to start raking in the bucks with your new smoke, water, and fire lead generation system but starting to worry about the constant, 24 hour commotion fire scanners create while transmitting public safety information? If you are putting the system in your home, this is sure to cross your mind. If you are placing […]

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Police Scanners are Local Fire Lead Generation

Over the years scanners have been a source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. When a police car or fire truck races by one’s house, curiosity peaks and one naturally wonders what is happening. Is it someone I know? Can I help? These are some of the first thoughts, and such questions can be […]

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Never miss a fire lead! How to hear and record simultaneous transmissions from your fire scanner

So now you are listening to your fire scanner and enjoying the benefit of knowing what is happening in your local area, and on occasion you get a lead and close the business. You are probably noticing though that listening and catching an address can be tough. You may also be noticing that there are […]

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Can a restoration company really make more money by listening to fire scanners?

The simple answer? Yes. Knowledge is power and so is timing in the world of reconstruction. Listening to scanners, if done right, can earn a restoration company more and more new business every year. Yet listening for fire dispatches in order to gather an address and opportunity to help a potential customer is not enough. […]

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