fire leads

Fire Leads

25 July, 2013

Posted by John Niewiecki

Fire leads without all the noise!


Ready to start raking in the bucks with your new smoke, water, and fire lead generation system but starting to worry about the constant, 24 hour commotion fire scanners create while transmitting public safety information? If you are putting the system in your home, this is sure to cross your mind. If you are placing the system at work, such noise could be a serious distraction to those who are not tasked with listening to the scanners for fire leads.

So what is the solution? Most base/mobile scanners today come with a REC OUT jack, also known as a line level audio output, that will send a contestant volume of audio from the scanner to any devise connected to it – regardless of how loud the volume is modulated from the front of the scanner. In other words, the volume control of the scanner could be turned down to zero, without any audio heard from the speaker in the radio, and the line level output will still relay a steady stream of audio for each transmission the scanner receives.

So there you have it. You do not have to listen to all that racket until it is time to start gathering leads and making money!

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