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Fire Frequency

11 September, 2014

Posted by John Niewiecki

Fire Frequency Encryption – Any way around it to find the fire restoration leads you want?


In a word, no. Not really. Although this is rare to happen when it comes to fire frequencies. Encryption is expensive to implement and generally intended to keep criminals from knowing that the police are on their way. Your fire scanner is generally not affected, but it is possible.

There are times when an entire system is moved towards either encryption or some form of technology which present fire scanner technology cannot interpret. Fire frequencies included. Such technologies as Open Sky and LTR Multinet are two such systems that, although not encrypted, cannot be monitored by the current fire scanner technology.

Other systems, such as TDMA II, can only be monitored by certain scanners because those scanners are built with a means of decoding the signal. At the time of this writing, TDMA II can only be understood by a GRE PSR-800 scanner which are discontinued and generally hard to find.

For more information about your area and to keep up to date on the latest information about the types of signal in your area, I encourage restoration companies looking to monitor for fire restoration opportunities in their area to review the information found on

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