fire leads

Why Monitor
Fire Scanners?

Why Monitor Remote Fire Scanners?

Our Network-Based Scanner Systems Offer:

Easy Solutions

  • Listen live or go back minutes, hours, even days in time to review radio traffic for leads
  • Save or e-mail scanner audio for quick and easy turn around
  • Independent control of listening to scanner audio throughout your service territory
  • Teach anyone how to use the system in minutes!

  • Vast Coverage

  • Monitor and control any number of scanners throughout your service territory

  • True Accessibility

  • Scanners can be at your office or at remote locations yet available to everyone in your company securely online
  • Find leads quickly and easily by filtering fire transmissions by length, date, department, and scanner display text tags

  • Control in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Listen from any office desk, at home or on most Android cell phones

  • Everything You Need

  • Whether you require just one scanner or more, antennas, programming software, cases, cabling, or a site survey to ensure maximum fire lead coverage – Scanner Master is your one stop shop for all you need.

  • Professional Consultation

  • Expert on-site system consultation, design, installation, testing, and training available. We also have our own tower crew for installing long-distance monitoring station antennas.

  • Download your FREE Lead Generation Toolkit Here.