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Multisync Scanner

23 August, 2013

Posted by John Niewiecki

Multisync: Technology that economizes on scanners for fire lead generation


If a restoration company looking to monitor fire frequencies in their service territory chooses Rangecast as their fire lead generation system, they will enjoy the benefit of Multisync. This technology comes free with the service and is part of the software component.

Consider the ideal situation when one is looking to capture fire leads. In a perfect world, the restoration company would want 100% of ever fire transmission 100% of the time. This would allow for not just hearing the dispatch, but all discussions between firefighters regarding the extent of the fire, the amount of damage, or even if the call was actually a fire and not a false alarm.

To receive 100% of the fire transmissions 100% of the time though, one would have to have a scanner for every possible fire frequency with consideration of the fact that a scanner can only receive one transmission at one time. Many counties have dozens of fire frequencies, which would equate to, of course, dozens of fire scanners! Who wants to pay for all that?

Multisync economizes on fire scanners because it intelligently diversifies reception (what the heck does that mean, right??). This means that if scanner A is stuck on frequency 123.45, Multisync prevents the other scanners connected to your fire lead generation system from landing on that same frequency.

With the proper ratio of scanners to frequencies, a restoration company can hear upwards of 90, 95, very often 100% of all fire transmissions available. Of course, if there is a catastrophic event such as a tornado or hurricane, all frequencies could be in use 100% of the time. Depending upon the number of scanners connected to your system, you may only receive two, three, or four simultaneous transmissions of the many broadcasts during such an event. Yet most of the time this is not the case and only a few scanners be sufficient to receive nearly all simultaneous transmissions.

The unique and patented Multisync technology makes it affordable to hear simultaneous fire transmissions, capture leads, and earn new business.

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