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16 September, 2018

Posted by John Niewiecki

Fire, Water, Smoke Damage Lead Generation, powered by Rangecast, launches voice to text transcription and real-time alerting to its product suite

fire restoration leads

Rangecast Technologies earlier this year launched a new feature to their online, remote internet access/scanner radio monitoring system that allows for keywords and phrases to trigger an email and/or SMS text to interested parties, such as fire restoration emergency response teams and those responsible for reconstruction company marketing. Coined their “Automated Listener Alert Service” or ALAS, this new feature of Rangecast propels their product suite into a whole new league of lead generation.

Rangecast’s ALAS allows for businesses such as restoration companies that are presently paying for listening services to save significant effort and money by automating the process of finding revenue generating opportunities. Also, by eliminating the human error factor seen often when office assistants and others are saddled with their regular activities coupled with having to listen for structure fire/restoration and reconstruction events, this new service will save both money and time.

The Technical Functionality of ALAS

Technically, the system works by sending scanner and two-way radio transmissions to two server networks. The first is to the Rangecast servers where the scanner or two-way radio transmissions are recorded as well as indexed based upon county, department, and agency. From this server, reconstruction and restoration companies can listen in real time to the activity happening in there service territory.

The second server network customers have an option of utilizing is a transcription computer that allows for keywords customized by the Rangecast customer to be transcribed and identified. Based upon the parameters set by the restoration company, these keywords can be sent to anyone within the company. Often, these alerts are sent to those restoration marketing professionals based upon the geographic areas they cover, while at the same time all alerts from every service area are sent to a supervisor or district manager to audit those opportunities to ensure they are being addressed and followed up.

Rangecast reports that although at this time their ALAS system does not identify addresses, only keywords and phrases relevant to the profitability of their business, they are actively working on making this a realty for their media and restoration clients. This is an innovation many reconstruction companies are eagerly waiting to be offered by Rangecast.

Rangecast also addresses the bane of restoration companies’ existence: The false fire alarm

Rangecast customers continue to have a choice to either listen on their own for one low monthly fee or combining the transcription service for an added monthly fee. Already, Rangecast reports that many of their restoration customers have taken advantage of their new Automated Listener and Alert Service.

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