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How to Find
Fire Leads

25 July, 2013

Posted by John Niewiecki

How to Find Fire Leads with most Professional Fire Lead Generation Systems

Now that you have your water, smoke, and fire lead generation system up and running, how can you maximize your time so that you are not spending all day and all night listening to the radio? Although such listening can be fun and exciting, there’s work to be done! All quality professional restoration lead generation systems that utilize fire scanners will record the audio form the scanner in some fashion or another. Finding which transmissions are the fire leads in a quick and efficient manner is the key.

How is this done?

When a dispatcher transmits an address, the duration of that transmission is most likely not short. Therefore, recordings that are less than say, ten seconds are probably not a fire lead. An effective means of limiting the time to find the audio one wants is by having the ability to filter out short transmissions.

Rangecast, a product sold by the author of this blog post and the company that sponsors this website, has two mechanisms to do exactly this.

1. The Rangecast Transmission Log:

rangecast transmission log

The highlighted drop down menu offers the person seeking out fire leads the opportunity to filter out short transmissions which are very unlikely to be a lead.

2. Through the WebScanner interface:

rangecast transmission interface

You’ll note that the highlighted button “Min 0 s” is highlighted. This button allows for shorter transmission of different durations to be filtered out from what is heard (although still recorded).

ScannerStation, another product sold by the author of this blog post and the company that sponsors this website, has many mechanisms to save time and easily identify leads:

scanner station

As with Rangecast, ScannerStation intelligently segments each transmission and labels it with plenty of information about each file to help identify leads. Do you know there was a fire in a particular county or town? Sort transmissions accordingly to segment the list and find the lead. Want to hear the longest transmissions only? Sort accordingly and listen until transmission lengths are short enough to confidently know you’ve gathered all possible fire leads.

Time is money. Whatever fire lead generation system you choose, consider the time it will take to find what you need so you can identify prospects quickly and earn the business.

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