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Contents Restoration

01 March, 2015

Posted by John Niewiecki

Can contents restoration be an added value sale for fire/water damage mitigation companies?


The competition for reconstruction opportunities are becoming more and more difficult to earn. After years of seeing the new construction market dry up with no end in sight in many parts of the country, construction companies with a business model focused on new construction have shift their business focus to the reconstruction market. This paradigm shift results in more companies seeking the same opportunities without any increase in startups or businesses too “green” to succeed.

Direct marketing to potential customers when they are in need is a great means of offering a helping hand as well as quickly starting work towards restoring a business or family’s life back as if the fire, water, or smoke damage never happened. Yet with fewer opportunities due to increased competition, it is wise to make the most out of each work opportunity a reconstruction company earns.

According to the magazine Contents Industry Review, “Contents restoration is now the focus of the insurance industry and the profit opportunities are unprecedented for companies who have the capabilities to constantly deliver above average service quality.” This of course makes sense. Desks, chairs, and even the walls can be replaced but a painting passed down from generation to generation, or invaluable documents, hard drives, and legal records are much more difficult to replace.

Families and businesses affected by fire, water, or smoke damage need these items restored to the greatest possible degree. A reputable business with the right equipment can assure a person harmed by such events that their important and sometimes invaluable possessions will be restored as if they were never exposed to a natural disaster. A restoration company with well earned brand equity in a particular market can and will be trusted to restore not just a home or business affected by fire, but also those items that have value beyond just their market price.

It is important to anyone who has had a loss due to fire or water to not have another disaster in an attempt to recover. Most often, when it comes to those contents and items they cherish for personal reasons, money is less of an issue than the assurance that the job will be done right. A restoration company willing to put in the training, time, patience, and capital investment to do the contents restoration job right, will prove extremely valuable to a potential customer looking for that one shot to restore their most prized possessions back before disaster struck

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