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Fire Restoration Leads

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Advice from the experts on caputuring Fire Restoration Leads.

Even minor to moderate fire damage to a home should be remediated by a restoration professional

The US economy over the past decade has lingered between stagnant to bad with homeowners shouldering a large portion of the burden. When it comes to minor to moderate fire structure damage to one’s home, it is tempting to avoid the expense of a deductible and do the repair work on one’s own. Beyond the […]

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Can contents restoration be an added value sale for fire/water damage mitigation companies?

The competition for reconstruction opportunities are becoming more and more difficult to earn. After years of seeing the new construction market dry up with no end in sight in many parts of the country, construction companies with a business model focused on new construction have shift their business focus to the reconstruction market. This paradigm […]

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Emergency board-up providers and the importance of timely service

Your house is damaged and nearly in ruin, so why bother boarding it up? It would appear upon initial consideration that boarding up a home severely damaged by a flood or fire would be similar to bothering to put a car cover over a totaled vehicle so that the rain does not damage the upholstery. Yet […]

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